About Bonnie Lecat

Chicago artist Bonnie Lecat

Chicago artist Bonnie Lecat

MY STORY: “I am truly blessed! I get to spend my days doing what I love while supplying others with unique, custom artwork and gifts for themselves and the people they love. I grew up in rural Illinois surrounded by big skies, rustic barns, and a house full of siblings and pets. I like to think of myself as a country mouse AND a city mouse, as I moved to Chicago after high school to study art in a more urban, fast paced setting. I feel like both of these environmental influences can be seen in my artwork.”

MY GOAL: “My goal is to enrich your life with art that helps you express yourself and your love for the people and world around you. Quality and originality are always top priorities for me. Nothing leaves my studio unless I would be proud to hang it on my wall or give it as a gift myself.”

MY PROCESS: “I see art as an opportunity to tell stories. I see the repeating and inspirational tales of life as they reveal themselves to me in nature and I strive to share those stories in my work. I share my vision with paints and plaster and found objects artfully arranged on wooden panels. The story of a fragile, yet incredibly strong family is expressed in a tangled and larger than life bird’s nest filled with eggs. The story of uncontainable hope and joy is told in the representation of a singing bird. The story of a treasured Christmas of my youth is  portrayed in a vintage style sign with the words of my favorite Christmas carol. I would be honored and inspired to help you discover, share, and express YOUR unique stories!”

MY INSPIRATION: “My love of art, antiques, nostalgia, and family motivates me to create my products. I try to capture, express, and share a feeling of happiness and joy in all of my work.”

MY BELIEFS: “I believe with all of my heart that art is an essential ingredient in all of our lives. It is a gateway to self discovery, self expression and connection to the world and people around us. Art allows us to dream, to explore, to learn, and to love.”


⁃I used to play the accordion. (No, really!)

⁃Cottage cheese is my “go-to” comfort food.

⁃A bouquet of lily of the valley makes my heart sing (best smell in the world!)

⁃I kissed Rick Springfield back in 1985 (if we get together for a glass of wine, I will tell you all the details;)

⁃I have an adorable havanese named Roscoe who is the love of my life.

⁃I have three sisters, one brother, a photographer husband, two amazing daughters, twelve nieces, six nephews, four great nieces, three great nephews and five more on the way. (Whew! That’s a lot of birthdays to remember!!)

⁃I’m totally a morning person.

-I make an awesome pot of homemade chicken noodle soup. (If I do say so myself)