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Chicago Botanic Garden Fountain Painting on Canvas – Step by Step

I am so fortunate to live only a mile and a half from the beautiful Chicago Botanic Garden. I find so much peace and inspiration there! I created this trompe l’oeil painting while exhibiting at the International Salon of Decorative Painters in Atlanta a few years back.

Chicago Botanic Garden Fountain

Here is the original reference image I shot at the Chicago Botanic Garden

The first step for this painting on canvas was to develop the shapes and shadows with an umber colored paint mixed with glaze. The first element I began to paint was the center satyr on the fountain.

Step 1

Step 1: Develop the shadows and shapes with an umber glaze.

values are defined in the first and second step of the painting

Step 2; continue to create values to define shapes

Colors are gradually layered in…

Further developing the painting with colors and textures.

Colors are added in layers to develop and enrich the painting

painting detail

Botanic Garden painting detail; the leaves and shadows are starting to come to life.

The painting is getting close to being done with highlights and shadows being further developed with warm and cool tones.

Chicago Botanic Garden Fountain acrylic painting on canvas © Bonnie Lecat. All rights reserved

Chicago Botanic Garden Fountain acrylic painting on canvas © Bonnie Lecat. All rights reserved

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    "Three" 40” x 30” acrylic on wood panel ©2013 Bonnie Lecat

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