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“What’s that?” asked my husband. “I think it’s a bird nest!” I said. We were on a walk in a forest preserve near our home on a crisp and sunny spring morning when we spotted it. I walked over and picked up this completely intact nest that was still attached to a fallen tree branch. I couldn’t believe how perfect it was and that it hadn’t been destroyed in the previous night’s storms. We carried it home and I knew I had to paint it. This nest was such an amazing find!!

While painting the nest with all its tangles and twisty curves, I became lost in thought and it occurred to me that this simple little collection of twigs, grasses, and dirt told a powerful story. It was at the same time both very delicate and very strong because of how it was assembled. I began to consider how amazing it is that when some dried twigs and grasses are put together in a new way, they can gain a completely new purpose and become strong enough to protect and support the new life that is contained in the eggs that it holds.

Nest painting detail.

Nest painting detail.

This painting, as well as my other nest paintings, are meant to symbolize the beautiful idea that

When we join together in new ways, even when we feel fragile and insignificant, we can have the strength we need to weather any storm.Click To Tweet
Completed 18” x 24” acrylic on panel nest painting with three eggs added entitled “Three”.

Completed 18” x 24” acrylic on panel nest painting with three eggs added entitled “Three”.

In this little nest, I had found the perfect symbol for “FAMILY” and “HOME”.

Have you ever been inspired by something you’ve seen in nature? Have you ever looked at a flower or a cloud or raindrops running down a window pane and had an A-HA moment? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.


Amanda Creek

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