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Step by Step Butterfly – Easy Drawing and Painting Tutorial

How to paint a step by step butterfly.

I’m so excited about a new class I’ve created that will show you how to simply and quickly draw a monarch butterfly step by step, transfer it easily onto a painting surface, and finally paint it with acrylic paints.

If you’re new here, you may not know about my classes on skillshare.com I teach several classes on the site, “How to Paint Sunflowers using Acrylic Paints” , “How to Paint Quick and Easy Roses using Acrylic Paints” , “Make Your Own Zodiac Wall Art”, “Let’s Play with Acrylic Paint – Tools and Materials”, and “Selling on Etsy: How to Create a Successful Online Shop”

My new art class will focus on a few simple drawing and painting skills;

  1. HOW TO DRAW A BUTTERFLY: I’ve created a simple process for teaching you how to draw and design butterfly wing patterns, and I will show you exactly how to draw monarch wings. I’m also going to show you a super simple trick to cut your work in half and make sure that your butterfly wings are symmetrical.
    How to draw a butterfly step by step worksheets.

    This class includes free downloadable worksheets to teach you how to draw monarch wings.

  2. HOW TO TRANSFER AN IMAGE: Once you’ve learned how to draw your butterfly, I’m going to walk you through an easy way to transfer your butterfly onto your canvas or painting surface. Learn a simple method for transferring a drawing onto a canvas.
  3. HOW TO PAINT A BUTTERFLY: And finally, I will walk you through some easy painting warm-up exercises to get you started. Then I will demonstrate how to paint your butterfly with acrylic paints, with a focus on how to properly use your brushes and blend your paints on your canvas. How to paint a butterfly step by step.

If you’re new to acrylic painting, or haven’t painted in a while and want to brush up on your techniques, this class is for you.

If you want to know a simple formula that will teach you how to draw or design any kind of butterfly, I’ve got you covered. 

Once you’ve completed the class, you should be able to easily and successfully draw and paint this monarch butterfly on your own.

As a bonus, when you take the class, you’ll get free worksheets to download and print as many times as you wish so that you can practice along with me during the class! I’ve also included a beautiful hi-res butterfly image for you to print out and use as a reference. 

So if you love butterflies or drawing or painting as much as I do, please join me here to check out the entire class for FREE when you join skillshare!

Here’s a little preview of the class…

Bonnie Lecat


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