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5 Ways to Be More Creative

how to be more creative

Happy New Year! It’s that time again when we all start looking ahead and thinking about how to make our lives better in the coming year. One thing I am working on is streamlining and perfecting a creative routine for myself. If you are looking for ways to be more creative in the year ahead, here are some simple tips and resources to get you started.


There are a limited amount of hours every day. Be honest with yourself and set realistic expectations and timelines for what you need to accomplish each day, making sure to actually allow time for ALL of the things that matter to you. If creativity is something you want in your life, you have to literally add time for creative activities in your schedule.

[clickToTweet tweet=”You will never FIND time to be more creative; you have to MAKE time for it. ” quote=”You will never “find” time to be more creative; you have to “make” time for it. And BONUS…when you start making time for the things that truly matter to you, happiness will inevitably follow.”]

“You can do this” ACTION STEP:

Buy yourself a pretty planner or journal and USE IT to start scheduling time for creativity!  

If you need help choosing a planner for the coming year, check out this amazingly thorough and super helpful planner comparison here: http://www.blacksburgbelle.com/2017/12/my-2018-planning-system/


Clutter is the enemy of focus and creativity! This is true for your physical surroundings as well as the clutter in your head. Look around your space and look within your heart and eliminate what doesn’t serve you. If you need some resources and help with ways to eliminate clutter, please check out the following books:

“The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo

“A Year to Clear” by Stephanie Bennett Vogt


In order to follow through on simplifying your schedule to make time for creative pursuits, you have to believe that you truly deserve some free time and some “me” time. (yes!…You really DO! ) One of the most important things I have learned in life is that “you have to put your own oxygen mask on first.” What I mean by this is that you have to take care of yourself and your own needs so that you can effectively take care of the people who really need you.

You can't use up creativity quote


You can’t be creative sitting in a room surrounded by piles of paperwork, dirty dishes, crying children or anything that reminds you of your never-ending to-do list. You need to create a space where you feel relaxed, inspired, focused, and motivated. Set up a table or desk in a quiet corner or room and stock it with some paper, colored pencils, markers, paints, and anything that inspires you. Start simply and build it up as you go. Make it your own and set a rule to only use it for creative pursuits. No bill paying or homework here!


Once you’ve eliminated the visual and mental clutter in your life and identified the importance of a creative lifestyle, you will finally have room to express your unique personality and beautify your surroundings in a way that is uniquely YOU. Do you love nature? Then add some pretty plants or a beautiful flower bouquet. Do you have a favorite color, style, or decorating theme? Paint a wall in a new color or create a gallery wall filled with artwork that is reminiscent of your favorite things to keep them constantly in mind! Your home should be a sanctuary that inspires, calms, and delights you every day.

Gallery Wall Display


That should get you started, my crafty friend! I hope this list motivates you to begin building the happy and creative life you’ve been dreaming of!

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